A collection of quick reads

  "Value Added"
A tale of the demise of SN11
"Too Late to Matter"
The forces of Evil try to stop Starships

Slightly longer adventures

  "'Cause I'm the Trashman"
The Earth is doomed!
"War Against Anominity"
PDF of a whimsical, hand-written
Star Trek script from 1972

Much longer reads

  "No Dogs on Mars"
Colonizing Mars ain't easy!
"No Dogs in Bed"
Where do dogs sleep on a Starship?
(coming soon!)

The non-written word

  "The Ballad of SN5"
A musical tribute
to the first successful Starship
"Baby SharkX"
TWO SpaceX-y versions
of the most annoying song on the planet!
(The second version is very unique!)

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Ken Krawchuk

Non-Starship Nonsense

  Atlas Snubbed
Parody sequel to Atlas Shrugged
The Pennsylvania Project
Ken's talk radio show in Philadelphia
Ken is running for Governor!

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